This is what life in the family looks like.

Arriving early to help cook and set the table. Unloading the dishwasher without asking first. Being called aunt or uncle when you’re not related. These are just a few ways you know you’re no longer a guest — you’re family.

Our families are the people who know us intimately. At 902 Church, serving together is one way we become family. As we serve, we create deeper connections with God and each other. We discover our spiritual gifts, and we partner with God in blessing others.

Join the Dream Team.

When you bring your experiences and abilities into the local church, you’re like the aunt who brings mac and cheese at Thanksgiving. Without you, the meal just doesn’t feel complete!

902 has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, season, and schedule. No matter your age and stage of life, you bring something special to our church family.

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Host Team

Host Team

Host Team members aim to welcome and serve guests. Whether it’s serving a hot cup of coffee, helping someone find a seat, or some other act of service, our goal is to help people connect to God and each other. Our Host Team offers a wide variety of opportunities to serve before, during, and after all of our Sunday gatherings.
902 kids

902 Kids

902Kids is our children’s ministry uniquely designed for kids to experience Jesus on their level! As a kids leader, you will have the opportunity to care for babies, preschoolers, and elementary-age children. There are opportunities to serve on Sundays and throughout the week. No matter your role, you will be helping to create a safe, fun, and age-appropriate environment for kids where the Bible can come to life and relationships can be built.
902 Students Ministry


SM is 902's student ministry. At SM, middle and high school students learn how to love God and live the life He has for them. SM has serving opportunities on Wednesdays. Serve students at a SM gathering or help students grow in their understanding of God and His Word as a Small Group Leader!
Worship & Production

Worship & Production

If you love music, creativity, or production, Worship & Production is for you. Every weekend, our church is led by talented and committed people who help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. Production volunteers engage our senses at gatherings through audio, video, and lighting. Production offers opportunities to serve at every gathering from Sundays to SM days to special events.

Not sure where to start serving?

Come to Start Here. In this series of three classes, you’ll learn about four promises God makes to all of us. We’ll help you discover your spiritual gifts and find your place in God’s family!