It all started with a vision. A vision to lead as many people as possible to Christ, to know Him completely, to love Him and fully follow Him. A desire to see the big "C" church cover the entire planet.

And so 902 Church was born.

It initially started as a contemporary service within a traditionally-led church. The idea was to bring those that were not regularly attending church, as well as traditional church members, an option to worship the Lord (thus no excuse for NOT coming to church). It was to add another facet to worshipping, thus appealling to everyone's needs. Would it be accepted and successful in it's objective? Would it reach not only the saved but the unsaved? The result was that people were coming, people that have never even been to church, as well as people that had been currently attending. After each service many felt a new breath of spiritual air fill their hearts and souls. News spread about this "902" service and as the news spread, so did those that attended. The rest is history.

Once again, the human mind cannot fathom what our Heavenly Father is capable of, as His vision appears to be quite larger for 902 Church than what was ever imagined. The best way to experience the freedom of worship and spirit filled services is simple-COME JOIN US!

SUNDAYS @ 9:30am & 11:00am

2009 Carey Rd. | Kinston, NC